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Deterring nursing home abuse with hidden cameras

Families of elderly or disabled patients may at some point have to make the difficult decision to place a loved one in a long-term care facility or nursing home. Placement in a facility may be for any number of reasons, but it certainly does not mean that friends and family stop caring about the person. In fact, families are so concerned about avoiding any instances of abuse or neglect in these facilities that they have

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NY nursing home workers ordered to get flu shot or wear mask

Nursing home doctors and staff have numerous responsibilities to patients and residents. Staff members work to care for the everyday needs of residents, as well as treat certain health care needs. When staff members and doctors fail in these responsibilities and a resident is injured as a result of nursing home neglect the negligent employee, or even the nursing home itself, may be liable for the injuries incurred.Now it appears that New York health care

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New York rife with nursing home negligence

Every now and then different organizations, advocacy groups and state agencies rate state nursing homes and the quality of care provided. Unfortunately for New York, the result of the latest report is not good news. The Families for Better Care (FBC) gave New York’s nursing homes a failing grade.FBC is an advocacy group based in Florida. The state-by-state report was the first of its kind, and measured nursing home quality by looking at eight different

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Nursing home patients susceptible to poor dental care

Nursing home staff members and personnel are given enormous amounts of responsibility to care for residents and patients. Staff members generally understand the basic standard of care they owe residents, including assisting with bathing to avoid poor hygiene. But for some reason, dental hygiene is frequently overlooked, some say at epidemic rates.In New York, a study from 2006 revealed that of five facilities in the upstate area, only 16 percent of nursing home residents had

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New York bill addresses hospital, nursing home staffing levels

In light of all the troubling news stories, it is always hopeful to hear about initiatives that are trying to make the world, or at least New York, a better place. Right now, advocates in New York are fighting to increase the nurse to patient ratio at the state’s acute care hospitals. The promise is that increased nurse staffing will reduce patient complications and death and eventually reduce health care costs overall.The advocates are pushing

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Nursing home abuse discovered through posted photos, videos

Sadly, nursing home abuse comes in all different forms. But the abuse and neglect of the sick and elderly is not only morally reprehensible, but it is illegal. Two aides in New York were recently accused of taking upsetting photos and videos of residents at differing nursing homes in Long Island.If they haven’t already, the families of the residents or the residents themselves should speak to a New York nursing home negligence lawyer to learn

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Low-staff levels hurt nursing homes, possibly residents

As children of an aging baby boomer generation, many people are soon facing the decision of whether or not to place parents in assisted care facilities or nursing homes. This decision can be difficult but often made easier if family members feel confident in the level of care and professionalism offered by the facility. New York nursing home negligence lawyers are ready to act in situations where nursing homes injure residents or fall below the

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Refusal to perform CPR, is it negligence?

Many times families must make the difficult choice to place a loved on in a nursing home because the family can no longer provide the necessary care and medical attention that the resident needs. Families trust these facilities and staff members but are also hypersensitive to signs of abuse and signs of neglect. If a resident is injured because of abuse or neglect, a New York nursing home negligence lawyer may be able to provide

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Family members play a role in nursing home safety

The decision to place an elderly family member in a nursing home is a difficult once. Families think long and hard about what facility to use and trust to care for their loved one. The planning and research is critical because no one wants a family member to suffer abuse or neglect at the hands of another. If a patient or resident is injured because of abuse or neglect, it is critical to contact a

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New York nursing home addresses elder abuse

The elderly in our communities deserve care, respect and protection, but all too often these individuals suffer elder abuse. The issue is frequently ignored or discarded but this type of abuse needs serious attention. If the abuse occurs in a nursing home, then a New York nursing home negligence lawyer may be able to help the victim and the victim’s family decide on a course of action against the nursing facility.There are many types of

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Incident at New York nursing home under investigation

For a number of people, the choice to move a loved one to a nursing home is decided because the person needs more regular or technical care. The trained staff at a nursing home or assisted living facility is trusted to provide this care. Most doctors and staff members do provide excellent care and companionship but it is still important to look for signs of abuse or nursing home neglect.Residents of nursing homes are especially

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Evacuation of New York nursing home leads to lost patients and relatives

New Yorkers are still dealing with the aftermath of Hurricane Sandy. But some residents may have more to worry about then lack of power. Family members of the residents of one New York nursing home are still searching for their loved ones following an evacuation of the facility.The nursing home is currently under investigation by the State Health Department for their handling of the facility during the storm. The facility didn’t evacuate but was short

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