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New York nursing home addresses elder abuse

The elderly in our communities deserve care, respect and protection, but all too often these individuals suffer elder abuse. The issue is frequently ignored or discarded but this type of abuse needs serious attention. If the abuse occurs in a nursing home, then a New York nursing home negligence lawyer may be able to help the victim and the victim’s family decide on a course of action against the nursing facility.
There are many types of elder abuse, including physical, emotional and even financial. The abuse often occurs in a home environment, even by family members. States often use an Adult Protective Services agency to response to allegation of neglect or abuse but often the agency isn’t able to prove any misconduct. New York chooses to respond aggressively to any complaints or allegation of abuse.
New York uses a number of groups to address the issues like police, social workers and lawyers. Once the problem is addressed, the state needs to help the elderly person find a safe place to live.
A nursing home in Bronx is helping with this second part. The home works with over a dozen government and non-profit agencies to lend a hand to abuse victims. The home offers legal aid, social services and medical assistance. People continue to live in the facility but the nursing home also has a shelter where victims can lives for a few days to a few months.
Other nursing facilities throughout New York and other states with low resident occupancy are picking up on the idea and opening up their spaces to abuse victims.
Our population is getting older and this only means that more seniors will be subject to the possibility of abuse. Looking for signs of abuse and signs of neglect is key. Family members who visit loved ones in nursing homes should be aware of the statistics. If they notice anything that indicates abuse, it may be a good idea to speak with an attorney. Nursing facilities and similar centers owe a duty of care to their residents. If a victim can show a breach of this duty than a victim may have a course of action against his or her abuser and may be able to recover compensation for the suffering.


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