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Surgical errors can cause health complications

When patients in New York hospitals go in for simple, routine procedures, they rarely think about the worst case scenario. Unfortunately, even the simplest surgery can turn into a tragedy because of surgical errors. One study found that medical errors kill over 200,000 people every year. As a result, tthe victims of these errors and their families are often forced to file medical malpractice lawsuits against the hospitals and surgeons responsible for these complications.One healthy

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New York couple’s transplant derailed after leaking ceiling

It’s a lucky day when a patient who needs an organ transplant has a willing donor. It’s even more fortuitous when that donor is the patient’s spouse. One man in New York planned to receive a kidney from his wife through a living donor transplant. His wife was a match and the transplant was a go.But all of the good news quickly turned into devastation. The wife’s harvested kidney apparently sat in the operating room

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New York woman loses legs as result of routine surgery sues

Accepting responsibility and apologizing in any circumstances does not always repair the damage done but it certainly can help move toward recovery. Unfortunately, a New York hospital in Long Island is not only refusing to accept responsibility for their actions but they are telling an injured patient that she should be thankful for what they did.The 33-year-old patient went into the hospital for a procedure to remove an ectopic pregnancy. During the procedure, the woman

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Laser surgeries grow in popularity, lawsuits also increase

Certain surgical procedures are necessary, while other surgeries are elective. Today, skin-related elective laser surgeries are increasingly popular in the United States. These laser procedures include practices like laser hair removal. Although the popularity of a procedure does not necessarily alter the risks involved, there may be some unintended consequences of this growing trend.In order to meet patient demands, the laser work is being delegated and more and more non-physicians are performing the actual procedures.

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New York dentist slept, unlicensed employee treated patients

Instead of attending to his patients during dental work procedures, a dentist in Brooklyn allegedly relaxed with naps and movie sessions. An unlicensed college student then took over and performed the dental work instead. The college student was in dental hygiene school at the time, and the patients were none the wiser.The dentist is now the subject of a federal lawsuit. A former employee was fired, and then brought a whistleblower lawsuit against his former

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Surgical errors hidden from patients

The old adage, “ignorance is bliss,” is so true in many instances. Often we would rather not know how many calories are in that cookie or the negative effects of your daily caffeine dose. However, when it comes to health care, patients want to know what is going on. Unfortunately, some doctors and hospitals are keeping secrets from patients that could impact their health.Doctors and medical staff are required to abide by a certain standard

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New York doctor accused of performing fake, unnecessary surgeries

Medical errors come in all shapes and sizes. The mistakes that usually come to mind are those that involve negligent medical practice, like botched procedures and surgical errors. These mistakes can have fairly serious consequences depending on the situation, and if a patient is injured as a result of such negligence, there may be legal repercussions. Patients or families of a victim of medical malpractice can work with a New York surgical error attorney in

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Big-name hospital doesn’t correlate to safer surgery necessarily

Hospitals, like everything else in life, have reputations. When New York patients are picking a hospital before a surgery, some patients may seek out the hospitals with the most name recognition, best reputation or for being associated with a top-notch medical school. Frankly, health-care consumers don’t have much other information to go on.According to Consumer Reports (CR), sometimes the top hospitals aren’t necessarily the best when it comes to surgery. CR reviewed government data and

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Routine procedures and surgery can create malpractice claims

Medical malpractice comes in all forms and can run the range on levels of seriousness. Any time a doctor or hospital fails to abide by the accepted standard of care, and that failure results in injury or harm to a patient, there may be cause for a claim of malpractice.Surgeon error certainly ranks up there with the scariest instances of doctor negligence because patients are truly vulnerable as they are under anesthesia. Many surgeries are

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Organ donation surgery almost performed on living woman

Surgeons are highly skilled professionals. Years of studying, schooling and residency make for very knowledgeable and confident surgeons, yet this confidence can sometimes come at a cost. Some surgeons feel they can do no wrong and this feeling of infallibility can be harmful to patients in the long run. Doctors should understand their own limitations and always be aware of the risks that come with surgery and other medical procedures. This awareness will only prove

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Plastic surgery error leaves New York man without nose

Any botched surgery seems unnecessary and unfortunate. But with plastic surgery, there is an extra air of regret because many of the procedures are optional or elective. Although elective, these cosmetic surgeries should be performed with the exact same standard of care as any other surgery. Tell this to the New York man who is still without his nose following an initial nose job over five years ago.Following a divorce, the man admits he opted

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Robotic-assisted surgeries raise questions about surgeon error

Medical malpractice 101 teaches us that surgeons and doctors must abide by a certain accepted standard of care when dealing with patients. Doctors and physicians must not act recklessly or negligently, and if they do and a patient suffers harm, the doctor who breeched that standard of care is liable. But how does this standard of care principal apply to robot-assisted surgeries? What if a defective medical device is not the issue but rather the

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