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Family members play a role in nursing home safety

The decision to place an elderly family member in a nursing home is a difficult once. Families think long and hard about what facility to use and trust to care for their loved one. The planning and research is critical because no one wants a family member to suffer abuse or neglect at the hands of another. If a patient or resident is injured because of abuse or neglect, it is critical to contact a New York nursing home negligence lawyer to weigh the options for recovery.
There may be ways to prevent this legal action altogether. Families need to be proactive and involved in the care at the facility. There are important questions to ask the resident during visits or over the phone. Ask if he or she feels comfortable, if there are any worries or concerns, if he or she feels safe and respected. Ask how the resident feels about the staff members.
The answers to these questions can be very telling and provide good insight into the nursing home operations. It may also uncover major issues or problems.
The questions can also be directed at staff members. Ask facility employees and staff about the daily life of the resident to see how much they are paying attention. Ask about medications and if changes are needed. Ask about social interactions and if the resident is getting enough physical activity.
In addition to questions, family members should look around the facility when visiting. They should look for any potential dangers with furniture or room layouts. They should also look for bruises and signs of abuse and signs of neglect like bed sores or poor hygiene.
By using common sense, asking questions and staying involved, family members can help ensure that their loved one is treated respectfully and safely.


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