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Data from The Centers for Disease Control reveals a troubling statistic that runs contrary to what otherwise is regarded by most experts to be one of the most progressive and advanced national healthcare systems in the world. “While there is no argument that medical technology in the U.S. has indeed advanced dramatically in the past decade,” Edward P. Milstein, partner in the top New York medical malpractice and Erb’s Palsy law firm of Dankner Milstein, P.C., said “the number of birth

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Family wins lawsuit against hospital

New York physicians who deliver babies must take special precautions to ensure that the baby does not have any injuries or health problems. Even the slightest mistake can leave a newborn child with mental and physical disabilities that will last their entire lives. One Northeast family was recently awarded $55 million for the mistakes of a hospital and one of its doctors.In 2009, the family’s newborn got stuck during the delivery and his mother required

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Doctor’s choice to forego C-section was obstetric negligence

Some of the more troubling types of medical malpractice cases are the ones dealing with obstetric negligence. Obstetricians and medical professionals in the delivery room are responsible for the health of not one, but two patients. They are responsible for getting the mother through delivery safely. and for bringing a new baby into the world.When mistakes are made in the delivery room, they can be devastating. Fragile newborns are very susceptible to injury, especially injuries

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Home birth trend raises questions about risk of birth injuries

New York is no stranger to falling subject to the latest crazes and trends. However, a recent trend goes much further than fashion or diet. More and more New York residents are opting for home births, instead of going to a hospital to deliver.On a national level, home birthrates comprise less than 1 percent of deliveries, but this number is climbing quickly. According to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, home births increased 50 percent

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Bed rest may not be the best solution for expecting New York moms

As the Duchess of Cambridge was whisked away to the hospital to give birth, the world anxiously awaited the news of the royal baby. This provides a good opportunity to discuss with local New York residents and expecting mothers the potential complications that may arise from labor and delivery, in addition to the miracle of birth.Thankfully, the duchess’ pregnancy was relatively low-key, aside from some serious morning sickness early on. Not all expectant mothers are

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Family awarded $5 million in birth injury case

It’s difficult enough to read about injuries to young children, but imagine when children are injured right as they are being brought into this world. The labor and delivery process is supposed to be a miraculous and happy event, but can quickly turn into a traumatic event when medical complications arise. The dangers are posed both to the mother and newborn child. There’s no doubt that New York mothers are aware of the dangers of

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New York involved in study to reduce elective early deliveries

Nine months is a long time as any expectant mother can tell you. Mothers understandably get anxious to meet their baby and get past the discomfort of pregnancy but as any New York birth injury lawyer will tell you, doctors need to do what is best for the health of the baby and mother, and not just rush through the process.While early delivery may be medically necessary for many reasons, over the past few years,

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Doctors uses threat to convince mother to schedule C-section

All expecting parents hope and pray for a safe delivery and healthy baby. Although there are known risks and consequences, families trust doctors to take good care of them. If a doctor or hospital acts negligently and causes an injury the child or mother, parents may need to consider speaking with a New York birth injury lawyer.Parents should understand that doctors have a responsibility to maintain a certain standard of care and that standard includes

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Early deliveries may lead to increased birth injuries

Unbeknownst to doctors, a common trend in delivery room doctors may be a form of labor delivery negligence. New York birth injury lawyers understand that more and more data points to the fact that elective early deliveries can increase a newborn’s risk of complications.Early delivery means before 39 weeks and many doctors allow these elective procedures simply because they are trying to accommodate their uncomfortable patients or even because it helps to manage a schedule.

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Birth injury case filed claiming labor delivery negligence

Parents spend nine months waiting for the birth of their child. It is a day filled with hope and anticipation. However, the delivery process can be complicated, and not everything always goes as planned. When the unexpected occurs, that is when parents turn to their doctor for support. They trust that the experienced medical staff will know how to make sure everything is okay. Unfortunately, doctors and staff can make mistakes. Labor room negligence is

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Pre-term Babies: Is Induced Labor Overused?

A recent study suggests they are. A research team led by Dr. Michael Kramer of McGill University found that the decision to induce labor has become “socially contagious.”Kramer’s team examined data from all states on non-Hispanic white women for two different time periods. The first was 1992 to 1994. The second was 2002 to 2004.The researchers found that the increase in pre-term births had risen along with the frequency of induced labor. During the periods

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Ob-Gyn Negligence: Yes, It Does Happen

Doctors often claim that they get sued too often. In particular, obstetricians and gynecologists like to point out that even excellent care cannot always ensure a perfect delivery when there is some form of fetal distress.To be sure, every birth injury is not the result of medical negligence. But no amount of spin can change the fact that many of them are.Let’s be specific, looking at one of the most common complications that can occur

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