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Nursing home abuse discovered through posted photos, videos

Sadly, nursing home abuse comes in all different forms. But the abuse and neglect of the sick and elderly is not only morally reprehensible, but it is illegal. Two aides in New York were recently accused of taking upsetting photos and videos of residents at differing nursing homes in Long Island.
If they haven’t already, the families of the residents or the residents themselves should speak to a New York nursing home negligence lawyer to learn about their options. While law enforcement will likely pursue the criminal charges, an attorney could help the victims file a civil lawsuit against the aides to recover for their suffering.
According to New York’s Attorney General, the certified nursing home aides apparently took pictures of the residents depicting bed sores and other unsanitary and demeaning conditions.
The homes that employed the aides expressed outrage at their conduct. One victim questioned how people like that could slip through the screening processes that nursing aides undergo. The CEO of one of the nursing homes said that the employee at his home had a clean record at the time he was hired.
The men are accused of taking pictures of at least 11 patients. They have both pleaded not guilty.
While the family and friends of nursing home residents can keep an eye out for signs of abuse and neglect, these people don’t have control over the hiring practices of the home. The victims may be able to recoup compensation for their suffering from these aides if they are found responsible for any injuries. The victims may also be able to bring a suit against the nursing home that employed the aide if it is determined that negligent hiring practices were used.


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