Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice Attorneys
Personal Injury, Wrongful Death and Medical Malpractice Attorneys



“Jay, I forgot to say thank you for representing me 33 years ago and for helping me see my good fortune. I invested the money as you suggested. I educated two of my children and can say I’ve had a good life. Thank you,”
– Carmine R.
“Wow… what a coup to have found an attorney who exemplifies the art and science of the law. Jay Dankner exudes confidence, expertise and gravitas! My family felt this man, who is a seasoned professional, provides laser focused unconditional attention to detail. Mr. Dankner’s voice is full of self awareness and determination. Mr. Dankner, you hear, digest and evaluate in a remarkably astute manner and bring a special sense of trust and excellence to the legal profession!”
– Randy G.
“Eddie, I just got the settlement in my case. Thanks so much. I really can’t thank you enough. You helped us so much and thanks to you, our lives will be a little easier. I will be forever grateful.”
– Dominique N.
“Dear Jay, I wanted to thank you and your law firm for representing me. Your hard work resulted in the generous settlement I received. This would not have been possible with another law firm.”
– Debi G.
“I sincerely thank you for all you have done – I know it was not easy – so thank you kindly. Have a happy new year – God bless you always. Sincerely”
– Maureen S.
“Jay Dankner? Words just flood my brain. He is energetic, kind, courteous, and has a sense of humor to that is welcomed to balance serious matters. I would say he is a regular guy with a whole lot of smarts. He is an extraordinary lawyer, and I am happy to have had an association with him. Mr. Dankner knows the law, interprets it understandably to the layman, and respects both sides of the issue at hand. I would not hesitate to sing his praises as a very competent lawyer, and I have recommended him to others seeking information. ”
– Patricia W.
“Ed, you are the man, I will refer all my friends in need to you.”
– Ralph J.
“I was in New York on vacation, fell and fracture of my wrist. I needed surgery including the placement of a metal fixation devises to hold the bones of my wrist in place. I live in California. Despite the distant, Jay is always emailing update reports and keeping me posted on what is happening. He is excellent at explaining the legal system and making sure I understand what’s going on. Whenever I call, he gets right back to me. The other thing I think is really important is that he explains to me the defense’s arguments and our responses. I consider myself very fortunate to have found Jay Dankner to represent me.”
– Maureen S.
“Dear Jay, I wanted to thank you and your law firm for representing me. Your hard work resulted in the generous settlement I received. This would not have been possible with another law firm. I wish you continued success in your future. All the Best”
– Debi G.
“Jay Dankner was an incredible lawyer for our family. Smart, pragmatic, trustworthy, honest, strategic, kind and empathetic and delivered on promises. I highly recommend Jay Dankner.”
– Jeff J.
“I had the opportunity to meet Jay Dankner when I was seeking an attorney to represent my family after my sister’s untimely death. Jay immediately impressed me with his knowledgeable, professional, and compassionate manner, and I knew that my search was over. I’m happy to say that my instincts were correct! During the course of our case, I have found Jay’s intellect and integrity to be unparalleled. Jay communicated with us consistently and effectively, always taking the time necessary to answer questions to our satisfaction. He was as kind to our family as he was tough on the opposing attorneys. I always had the utmost confidence in Jay’s abilities and couldn’t have asked for a better attorney to represent my family.”
– Kim E.
“Jay Dankner became my attorney a year after being in the legal hands of another firm, who had unfortunately mishandled my case. What a breath of fresh air! This man is on top of everything. Absolutely everything. And while I’m not easily impressed by “Best Lawyer” awards, I now understand why he has so many. It’s also reassuring how he keeps me in the loop and makes me aware of all the details and progress of my case. And he’s always been very reachable. Knowing that I can call and email him at any time is quite comforting. This has been one of the most difficult times in my life. I had a very severe accident, multiple surgeries, and am dealing with all sorts of issues. There’s just so many things I have to worry about…but thankfully my lawyer isn’t one of them. I highly recommend Jay Dankner, and his team, for anyone looking for a high quality firm, that has a very personal touch. Call him. You’ll see. He’s a great lawyer. And just as important, a really good man.”
– Alan Z
“Ed, you made it possible for me and my family to have a fresh start in life.”
– Barbara R.
“Jay Dankner exemplifies what every client should have in an attorney. Jay is consistently thorough, proactive, and responsive to all of our concerns and questions. He was available 24/7 and handled our case with respect, thoughtfulness, and the highest expertise that exceeded our expectations. ”
– Natalie O.
“It is my privilege to be offered a chance to praise the attributes of Jay W. Dankner. His exceptional personal manner is at the top of my list. I am impressed by the respect he shows to his clients, by the fact that he is a devoted family person, and by his keen sense of humor. The staff of Dankner and Milstein are concerned about the general welfare of those they serve, as well as committed to winning the cases they set out to represent. On the legal side, Jay is tenacious, well prepared, bold, and forward-moving. He has been available every time a family member has approached him. One thing that strikes me is his legal fairness. He knows and interprets the law for both parties, explaining what can and cannot be done on the client’s behalf. We are more than pleased to have had him deal with the hospitals named in our lawsuit on behalf of our daughter Kendra’s untimely death. In my mind, he has always been the “Best Lawyer.”
– Patricia W.
“I’ve had the opportunity to work with several attorneys and Jay has definitely earned my respect. What I like most is that he is dedicated, tenacious and truly has a vested interest in the welfare of his clients. Jay takes pride in his work and therefore functions in an exceptional way. He’s the only attorney I know who is both respected and feared by his opponents. Words cannot express my gratitude toward Jay for all his hard work and efforts.”
– Alex T.


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