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New trend in surgery targets the underarm area

People undergo surgery for many reasons. Some surgeries are on an emergency basis, while others are standard, routine operations. And then there are elective surgeries, the surgeries that aren’t necessary but ones that a patient opts for nonetheless. Many elective surgeries are for cosmetic purposes but simply because a procedure is elective and not directly health-related doesn’t mean that a surgeon’s standard of care is diminished.Doctor’s must maintain the same standard of care towards a

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Oral surgeon exposes patients to HIV and hepatitis

Doctors perform all types of procedures, ranging from quick and easy to the invasive kind. But when it comes to surgical procedures, patients truly must place their trust in the surgeon that he or she will perform the procedure accurately and safely. And oral surgery is no different.Oral surgeons and dentists are held to the same standard of care as general physicians and if a patient in New York is injured due to a breach

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Women dies following surgeon error

A New York hospital and three surgeons all face legal trouble following the death of a female patients. The woman died from an accidental cut made during surgery. The lawsuit alleges a veritable comedy of errors, with doctor’s making mistake after mistake. In instances like this, a New York surgical error attorney can help guide the victim or family of the victim through the legal process.The 44-year-old woman went to the hospital for a standard

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New York patients can now track doctor history online

Patients who undergo health treatment and surgical procedures do assume some risk. Doctors must act within a certain standard of care but even with this standard in place, there is always room for the unexpected. Patients understand this risk but proceed with treatment anyway because they trust their health care professionals to provide the best care possible.Patients in New York can go one step further now to determine whether the doctor, or hospital, they use

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New York hospitals rewarded for patient safety

It’s comforting to hear when hospitals are doing a good job. And efforts toward improving patient safety and health should be rewarded. An insurance company is doing just that and recently awarded hospitals in upstate New York extra money in the amount of $26 million.The reward is part of an incentive program. The program gives money to hospitals that reach the set goals in areas of patient safety, patient satisfaction, efficiency of the hospital and

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Well-informed patients help alleviate unnecessary surgeries

Not all surgeries are necessary but for some reason surgical procedures are constantly performed on seemingly healthy patients. This over-abundance of surgery when other non-surgical options are available may be doing more harm than good. The failure of doctors to tell patients about all available treatment options may, in fact, be surgeon error.This issue recently came to the forefront after news broke of a British doctors who performed over 1,000 surgeries on apparently healthy women.

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New York pregnant woman burned during surgery

Not all pregnancies go as planned. Sometimes doctors have to schedule a cesarean section surgery to deliver the baby and sometimes these surgeries are completely unplanned and last-minute. Either way, the procedure is a surgery and doctors and nurses need to follow the same standard of care as expected in all operating rooms in order to avoid surgical errors.One New York mother experienced a horrific scene and aftermath during her cesarean delivery. She suffered a

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Chronically Ill Kids at High Risk of Medical Errors

Medical malpractice can of course occur regardless of the age of the patient. There are, however, important differences in how medical mistakes affect different age groups.One recent study focused on medical errors and how they affected children in the U.S. Overall, medical mistakes are involved in the cases of about three percent of hospitalized children. But this risk increased substantially for children with chronic health conditions.Children with chronic ailments tend to have longer hospital stays.

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