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New York dentist slept, unlicensed employee treated patients

Instead of attending to his patients during dental work procedures, a dentist in Brooklyn allegedly relaxed with naps and movie sessions. An unlicensed college student then took over and performed the dental work instead. The college student was in dental hygiene school at the time, and the patients were none the wiser.
The dentist is now the subject of a federal lawsuit. A former employee was fired, and then brought a whistleblower lawsuit against his former boss. The employee claims that, although the doctor was physically present in the office, the doctor was usually resting or watching movies. The dentist also apparently had his assistant perform unnecessary root canals in order to raise profits. The assistant also allegedly performed this work without supervision.
The lawsuit even claims that the doctor would go home early or leave for vacation while the unlicensed student performed dental work. Furthermore, the former employee states that his boss refused to go to required continuing education classes, and, instead, would send his wife to the classes to sign in his name.
The lawsuit accuses the doctor of creating a danger to the public health and safety of patients by allowing unlicensed individuals to conduct dental procedures. The doctor then billed patients for this work under the guise that it was performed by a licensed dentist. The former employee was fired when he spoke up against these unethical practices.
Licensed doctors, dentists and surgeons make mistakes. So imagine the potential for harm if these same surgeries or procedures were turned over to an unlicensed individual without any supervision. This type of behavior is a major violation of the standard of care and an injured patient could seek legal counsel from a New York surgical error attorney.


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