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A-Rod files suit against doctor who failed to diagnose hip injury

No one wants to pay for unnecessary medical treatment. Patients probably do not want to endure excessive procedures or treatments, either, if they are not medically relevant. Doctors understand that patients feel this way, adding to the fact that additional treatments and procedures can be costly, and, as a result, doctors may lean toward not treating symptoms that they view as minor or short-term.
This approach can pave the way to potentially serious ramifications however, because a doctor can be found to be negligent if he or she fails to treat a medication condition and that failure leads to a worsened condition or greater injury.
The all-too-famous Alex Rodriguez of the New York Yankees is currently working with a medical malpractice attorney to sue the baseball team’s doctor and a local medical center. Rodriguez claims that the doctor negligently failed to tell him about a tear on his left hip and cleared Rodriguez for play. The Yankees star says that his continued play worsened the injury and eventually necessitated additional surgeries. Rodriguez missed more than half of the baseball season while recovering from surgery.
The exam at issue occurred in October of 2012 and Rodriguez underwent an MRI, but the team doctor did not inform him of the hip injury. Instead, the doctor allowed Rodriguez to play during playoff season. Both lawsuits, against the doctor and the medical center, were filed in the Supreme Court of New York.
A failure to diagnose can lead to serious consequences for many types of diseases and conditions, but it is especially dangerous with cancer. If doctors fail to treat symptoms while in the beginning stages, by the time treatment is received, patients may be in a much graver situation and it may require a New York failure to diagnose cancer lawyer to file a medical malpractice claim to recover monetary compensation for the aggrieved patient. New Yorkers and their families who have suffered due to a missed diagnosis should get help researching their legal options.


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