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Bed rest may not be the best solution for expecting New York moms

As the Duchess of Cambridge was whisked away to the hospital to give birth, the world anxiously awaited the news of the royal baby. This provides a good opportunity to discuss with local New York residents and expecting mothers the potential complications that may arise from labor and delivery, in addition to the miracle of birth.
Thankfully, the duchess’ pregnancy was relatively low-key, aside from some serious morning sickness early on. Not all expectant mothers are so lucky and sometimes doctors recommend bed rest for mothers who have high-risk pregnancies. But what if that bed rest recommendation does more harm than good?
Some research indicates that bed rest can actually lead to more health concerns like temporary loss of bone minerals and blood clotting. A study published in the American Journal of Obstetrics & Gynocology in 2010 found that expectant mothers ordered to bed rest actually increased their risk of developing deep-vein thrombosis by 19 percent.
Studies also don’t show any real benefit of the rest or that it reduced any of the high-risk conditions. The journal Obstetrics & Gynecology published a recent study that criticized the practice of bed rest. The researchers studied woman who were at risk of preterm birth and found that a reduction in activity level did not reduce the chance of preterm births. Of the roughly 650 women, about 250 were recommended bed rest or reduced activity.
Other doctors go beyond calling the practice unnecessary and claim that ordering bed rest is actually unethical because of the potential bone loss and muscle atrophy for mothers, as well as the psychological implications of being confined to bed.
Clearly the topic is one that will garner much more attention and discussion but until the medical community decides on an accepted practice, doctors in charge of labor and delivery will be held to the same expected standard of care. If a doctor mistakenly recommends a course of action that ends up harming the child or mother, the doctor could be liable for obstetric negligence. A New York birth injury lawyer is experienced in handling these types of claims and can be helpful in an effort to recover damages for injuries incurred during the course of the pregnancy or during delivery, both to mother and baby.


Jay W. Dankner

JAY W. DANKNER was born, raised and educated in Brooklyn, New York. After graduation from law school in 1973, he joined the firm of the legendary, Harry H, Lipsig, under whose tutelage he learned the intricacies of civil litigation and trials. He tried and won his first case against General Motors in a case involving a design defect within weeks after his admission. Thereafter, he focused his attention on the emerging and developing field of law known as products liability litigation.



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