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Secondary infections are a health care concern

Hospitals are meant to heal and cure but sometimes treatment in hospitals can make a patient sicker. This is because although healthcare facilities make a great effort to control germs and bacteria, they are not always successful and that can lead to infections or other illnesses for patients. One of the common examples of this is infections transmitted through central line IVs, which are inserted into a large vein and can carry infections to the patient’s bloodstream.
Patients injured because of negligent medical care, including hospital infections and surgical errors may be able to recover compensation for damages in a medical malpractice suit, but prevention is equally as important.
It’s an issue that affects New Yorkers and people around the country. Federal agencies estimate that almost 100,000 people die each year from what they term “healthcare-associated infections” (HAIs). Almost two million patients in the U.S. contract an additional illness while being treated in a hospital.
To fight this problem, one group, Partnership for Patients is giving $500 million in grant to reduce HAIs. A successful outcome may reduce Medicare costs by $50 billion in the next ten years.
The program addresses a number of factors but first, awareness. Most hospitals aren’t even aware of their infection rates. Hospitals should be aware of this number to know how to prevent infections, especially when it comes to surgeries. Patients can also try to prevent issues with surgery by asking the doctor how to prevent infections even before the procedure begins.
The group’s goals are admirable and will hopefully lead to better patient care and less instances of infections in the future. But in the meantime, patients who are injured as a result of a secondary infection, stemming from a hospital stay or surgical procedure, may be able to recover for their suffering. Negligent care is never acceptable and patients should be compensated for their loss injury.


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