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New York State Nursing Homes Face Financial Strain

When families make the difficult decision to place a loved one in a nursing home, the family is putting an exceptional amount of trust in that home to provide good care and keep their loved one safe. No one wants a family member to be subjected to nursing abuse or neglect
In New York, however, the county-run nursing homes are very short on cash and the financial strain is putting their future in jeopardy. Many counties are considering the drastic option of selling or closing nursing homes or have already done so. It’s a sad move, considering the state’s history of government-provided care for the elderly and needy.
Private homes probably can’t take over where the public homes leave off because most of the residents in county homes are Medicaid residents. Private homes often are reluctant to accept Medicaid.
A number of factors may be contributing to the low levels of funding for the homes. Local governments are struggling in many different ways. Unemployment rates are still high, property taxes have been capped and the recession continues to have an effect on the overall economy. Counties across the state have requested special status from the state for 34 nursing homes in hopes of sustaining them, but they are still awaiting a response.
Unfortunately, when money runs low, the first thing that may go is the level of care. It is important during this time that residents and families of residents keep a close eye on the nursing home facilities and look for signs of neglect or signs of abuse.
When the administrators of a nursing home deal with a tight budget, they may cut corners and attempt to save money instead of providing quality care. Residents who are injured as a result of nursing home neglect, regardless of the financial situation of the home, may be able to recover damages for those injuries.


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