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Findings of Nursing Home Neglect Lead to Ouster of Administrator

When families finally make the difficult decision to place a loved one into a nursing home, they are trusting that the facility will provide the utmost care. Far too often, however, nursing homes and assisted living facilities break that trust. This is why is it very important to pay attention to the actions of staff members, because something can be done about nursing home abuse or neglect
The administrator of a New York nursing home was recently replaced due to findings of nursing home neglect. The home is owned by a New York City firm. A survey by the state Department of Health found a number of errors in patient care.
The survey occurred over the course of a few days and looked at 13 different patients. It found numerous repeat errors with medications and clinical errors. Some of the slip-ups included failure to distribute cardiac medication to a patient with a heart condition, enemas given without documentation and failure to follow doctor’s orders. According to some sources, medication errors seem to be the greatest threat to patient care.
Complaints of abuse triggered the survey but for now, the State Department of Health says that the process is incomplete. The nursing facility has been given the chance to respond to the findings. The nursing home is also required to demonstrate how they will correct the issues.
It is important that families pay attention to the care their loved ones receive, to look for wrong medications, signs of abuse or signs of neglect. If abusive or negligent care results in injury to a patient or resident, the injured person can seek compensation for any damages or suffering. Concerned families may benefit from speaking to an attorney and get advice on how to move forward with the legal process.


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