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Doctor misdiagnoses young New York patient’s diabetes

Accurate diagnoses are at the crux of the medical profession. Correctly diagnosing a patient allows doctors to treat the systems with the appropriate medications and procedures and nurture patients back to health. But some experts believe there are some serious flaws in the medical industry when it comes to misdiagnoses.
A six-year-old girl recently passed away in New York due to a misdiagnosis. After suffering through the night with nausea and fatigue, the young girl was taken to the emergency room where doctors determined that her blood sugar levels were five times the normal numbers. The patient needed insulin quickly but her doctor never ordered her the dose of glucose.
The pediatric endocrinologist failed to recognize that the girl suffered from Type 1 diabetes and instead diagnosed her with Type 2 diabetes, which is not as time critical. The critical error resulted in the six-year-old’s death and led to many questions regarding the doctor’s care and misdiagnoses in general, especially considering that Type 2 diabetes is extremely rare for children under the age of 10. The parents of the girl filed a medical malpractice lawsuit against the endocrinologist and a court found him fully responsible for the girl’s death.
According to a study by Johns Hopkins, diagnostic errors are the biggest issue for medical malpractice and patient safety. Patients who are injured or suffer a worsened condition because of a cancer misdiagnosis, or other missed condition, can speak with a New York failure to diagnoses cancer lawyer. Misdiagnosis errors are hard to detect since the effects may develop over time and it may be helpful to work with an attorney through this legal process.


Jay W. Dankner

JAY W. DANKNER was born, raised and educated in Brooklyn, New York. After graduation from law school in 1973, he joined the firm of the legendary, Harry H, Lipsig, under whose tutelage he learned the intricacies of civil litigation and trials. He tried and won his first case against General Motors in a case involving a design defect within weeks after his admission. Thereafter, he focused his attention on the emerging and developing field of law known as products liability litigation.



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