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Fatal car crashes are so common they aren’t big news anymore, as David Leonhardt pointed out in The New York Times last week. Dozens of auto accidents kill hundreds of teenagers every year. But from a news media perspective, the death of a teenager in a car crash on America’s increasingly more dangerous highways is just another day at the office and barely worthy of coverage for most U.S. news media outlets. One top New York auto accident

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Millions of Americans climb into their cars every day to get to work, to shop, to visit family and friends and for a host of other reasons. “Tragically,” Jay W. Dankner, managing partner of the top New York auto accident injury law firm of Dankner Milstein, P.C. said, “many of those unsuspecting drivers behind the wheel of their cars, and their unwary passengers will actually be traveling on what recent studies show are some of

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More Than 1,250 Pedestrians Were Injured By NYC Drivers and Cyclists in May 2017Alone, and Seven Killed

NYC/DOT Report Shows A Slight Year-Over-Year Decline in Deaths and Injuries Involving Vehicles and Pedestrians From January through May 2017, the New York City Department of Transportation reported 46 pedestrians and cyclists killed by NYC motorists (7 in the month of May), and 5,577 injured (1,250 in the fifth month of the same year) compared to 56 deaths and 5,928 injuries in the first five months of 2016. City Hall’s statistics vary slightly from DOT’s

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Jay Dankner Weighs In On New York City’s Auto Accident Open Data Portal

TOP NEW YORK AUTO ACCIDENT INJURY LAW FIRM PROVIDES MOTORISTS AND PEDESTRIANS WITH IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT COULD HELP PREVENT INJURIES AND SAVE LIVES New York City’s two-year-old Open Data portal, which publishes daily statistics on where vehicle crashes happen in the five boroughs, who they involve, their causes and their locations is information the lawyers at the top auto accident injury law firm of Dankner Milstein, P.C. decided to share with readers of this blog. “We

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LOOK BOTH WAYS BEFORE TAKING FIRST STEP Martin Scorcese’s 1973 film Mean Streets is a story about a small-time hood who struggles to survive on the rough and tumble streets of New York.   But unlike the Academy Award-winning director’s tale of a young thug trying to work his way up the ladder in the local Mafia, when top New York pedestrian car, truck and bus accident lawyer Jay Dankner refers to the city’s “mean streets,” he’s talking about the dangers

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Twelve Tips From New York City’s Top Pedestrian Auto, Truck and Bus Accident Law Firm

GETTING AROUND TOWN SAFELY ON FOOT Compared with other major cities around the world, like Paris with its circuitous arrondissements and Tokyo with its bewildering maze of themed districts, New York City, especially the borough of Manhattan, is a relatively easy place to navigate.   For the most part, the avenues run north and south and the streets go east and west in numerical order. There are exceptions, like Greenwich Village and SoHo, which are arranged

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New York City’s “Vision Zero Action Plan” Puts Brakes on Motor Vehicle & Pedestrian Accidents

Mayor de Blasio Announces Effort To Reduce — and Possibly Eliminate — Automobile Accident and Traffic Deaths Citywide Mayor de Blasio released his administration’s Vision Zero Action Plan on February 18, 2014.  The plan outlines in detail Hizzoner’s ambitious goal to significantly reduce auto and traffic-related pedestrian accident deaths on New York City streets. In making his announcement, the mayor said that pedestrian deaths are at “epidemic proportions, and there’s nothing we’re doing that could be more

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Endless Winter in New York City Leads to More Slip & Fall Injuries

It will come as no surprise to New York City residents that winter 2014 has been one of the worst, and slipperiest, seasons on record. The relentless freezing temperatures, combined with a total of more than six feet of snow, turned icy city streets and avenues into hundreds of miles of hazardous exterior surfaces that forced city dwellers to struggle perilously against the harsh elements to try and make their way around town safely without

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