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Teenaged Drivers Three Times As Likely To Be Involved In Deadly Car Crash

New teenaged drivers between the ages of 16-17 years old are three times as likely as adults to be involved in a deadly crash, according to new research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. This alarming finding becomes particularly heightened during what the not-for-profit traffic safety organization has dubbed the “100 Deadliest Days,” which begins every Memorial Day and runs through Labor Day. Research conducted over many decades by the AAA Foundation — whose

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New Studies Show Driverless Technology Is Best Possible Cure For National Motor Vehicle Accident Injury And Death Epidemic

Driverless vehicles will hopefully become a reality sooner than later and when they do it won’t be a minute too soon. The National Safety Council (NSC) released its annual report for 2016 recently, and it wasn’t pretty. It turns out in 2016 there were more than 40,000 traffic fatalities in the United States, a 6% increase over 2015. Our law firm, Dankner Milstein, presents this blog as a safety reminder that injuries caused by reckless

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Cracking down on some of the city’s most vulnerable populations “is misguided and will have little to no impact on making our streets safer,” Jay W. Dankner

CRACKING DOWN ON SOME OF THE CITY’S MOST VULNERABLE POPULATIONS IS MISGUIDED AND WILL HAVE LITTLE TO NO IMPACT ON MAKING STREETS SAFER, TOP NEW YORK CAR ACCIDENT LAWYER ADVISES The New York Daily News reported last week that in one 24-hour period in the last week in March 2017, the NYPD, in the borough of Manhattan alone, targeted mostly young men – many of whom are Latino and Chinese immigrants — on bicycles who deliver every

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Jay Dankner Provides Statistics Behind Motor Vehicle Related Injuries and Deaths In New York City

STATISTICS BELOW PROVIDED BY TOP NEW YORK CAR ACCIDENT LAW FIRM POINTS TO CAUSES OF MOTOR VEHICLE RELATED INJURIES AND DEATHS IN THE CITY. New York Police Department statistics show that although there was a slight decline in motor vehicle accidents in 2015 and 2016 in New York City, surprisingly, pedestrian injuries involving motor vehicles rose. Still, city officials note that traffic deaths were at their lowest level in a century — down from 234

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Jay Dankner Weighs In On New York City’s Auto Accident Open Data Portal

TOP NEW YORK AUTO ACCIDENT INJURY LAW FIRM PROVIDES MOTORISTS AND PEDESTRIANS WITH IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT COULD HELP PREVENT INJURIES AND SAVE LIVES New York City’s two-year-old Open Data portal, which publishes daily statistics on where vehicle crashes happen in the five boroughs, who they involve, their causes and their locations is information the lawyers at the top auto accident injury law firm of Dankner Milstein, P.C. decided to share with readers of this blog. “We

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Top New York Lawyers Explain The Rise in Car Accidents

Insite from the Best New York Car Accident Lawyers NYC DOT REPORTS DRAMATIC INCREASE IN AUTO ACCIDENTS IN 2016 AS USE OF APP-BASED FOR HIRE CAR SERVICES INCREASES As the popularity and use of app-based for-hire car services like Uber literally increases daily in New York City, so, too, has the number of motor vehicle accidents that have been reported so far this year. To date in 2016 there have been nearly 2,400 more driver injuries than

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TOP NEW YORK MOTOR VEHICLE ACCIDENT LAWYERS It’s not just bad drivers who can cause auto, truck or motorcycle accidents. Every year, thousands of motor vehicles with critical defects are introduced into the nation’s roadways because manufacturers failed to recognize a problem or design defect, or worse yet, chose to save money and not redesign the vehicle even if they were aware of a potentially deadly problem with the vehicle. Defects in older vehicles are constantly

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