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Doctor intentionally misdiagnoses cancer in patients

A cancer diagnosis is one of the scariest things a patient can face. Previous posts here have discussed the potentially deadly ramifications if a doctor misses a cancer diagnosis and a patient only learns of the disease after it’s too late. But almost as traumatizing is the idea that a doctor could intentionally lie about a cancer diagnosis in order to make money. The former situation could simply be malpractice and in that case, any

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Health panel recommends low-dose screening to detect lung cancer

When the right tools and industry knowledge are available to detect a certain illness, health care professionals must utilize those tools to diagnose patients. If a doctor fails to abide by this standard of care and misses a critical diagnosis, any New York Failure to Diagnose Cancer Lawyer could tell our readers that a patient injured as a result of the failure may bring a medical malpractice lawsuit against the negligent party.While early detection is

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Statute of limitations problematic for some malpractice claims

Nobody wants to come in last. But when it comes to hospital safety, states don’t even celebrate coming in the middle of the pack because health care and patient safety is such an important issue. New York just received some bad news when it came in 32nd in a ranking of patient safety. And if that wasn’t bad enough, the laws in New York may throw up barriers for injured patients to bring a claim

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Private medical company facing trouble for failure to diagnose

Thankful to the many advances in medical technology, many of the diseases and health concerns that were previously deadly or fatal are now easily treatable. The trick, however, is catching the disease before it is too far progressed. This idea of early treatment is so important that doctors can be responsible for failing to diagnose an issue before it is too late. Especially for quick moving cancers, if a patient suffers because a doctor missed

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The cost of diagnostic errors is great

Doctors are only human and therefore, do make mistakes. But for the most part, we hear about the active mistakes like surgery mishaps. But doctors can do harm even indirectly, even by missing diagnoses of serious illnesses, like cancer. The longer a patient goes without treatment, the lower the chances of recovery. If a medical professional misses a diagnosis and a patient is harmed as a result, it would be in the patient’s best interest

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Doctors have tools to avoid failing to diagnose patients

Part of being a doctor is diagnosing symptoms. Like everything else in life, some doctors are better diagnosticians than others. Sometimes a missed diagnosis isn’t a big deal, but other times, a missed diagnosis can be life or death. Especially when it comes to quickly processing diseases, like cancer or heart attack, failing to diagnose can directly result in a shortened life span.New York patients who have suffered because a doctor or physician missed a

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New York hospital under fire for potentially fatal misdiagnosis

It’s no secret that cancer is easier to cure if caught at its earliest stages. We hope that doctors are constantly on the lookout for test results and symptoms in order to catch a disease before it’s too far progressed. Sadly, doctors at a New York hospital missed a prime opportunity to diagnose a woman’s lung cancer at an early stage and now she has less than a year to live.The 41-year-old single mother visited

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Family wins against prescription-happy New York doctor

Prescriptions aren’t as easy as pop a pill and feel better. A lot of people and effort are involved in the process of prescribing medications to patients and sometimes doctors and pharmacists do make prescription errors. Errors can come in the form on wrong drug or wrong dose; errors can be accidental or caused by negligent or careless behavior. Either way, doctors have a duty to patients when dolling out medicine and patients injured by

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New York patients died because doctors failed to perform CT scan

We are lucky to live in a day and age when many conditions and diseases are easily cured by medical treatment and experienced doctors. But crucial to this process is accurately and effectively diagnosing symptoms in a timely manner. Early diagnoses likely create more treatment options, as well as more successful results. Failure to diagnose a patient’s ailment can lead to costly, even fatal, repercussions.But there are opportunities for patients to recover from these medical

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Failure to diagnose cancer hurt Brooklyn women

No one wants to get a cancer diagnosis, but patients would rather hear that they have cancer early on, than get the news when it is too late. This is what happened to one Brooklyn patient. She entered the hospital in Kings County with chest pains. A first-year resident treated the woman, but told her that all tests came back negative. The woman was sent home, but died earlier this year from lung cancer which

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