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Teenaged Drivers Three Times As Likely To Be Involved In Deadly Car Crash

New teenaged drivers between the ages of 16-17 years old are three times as likely as adults to be involved in a deadly crash, according to new research from the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety. This alarming finding becomes particularly heightened during what the not-for-profit traffic safety organization has dubbed the “100 Deadliest Days,” which begins every Memorial Day and runs through Labor Day. Research conducted over many decades by the AAA Foundation — whose

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New Studies Show Driverless Technology Is Best Possible Cure For National Motor Vehicle Accident Injury And Death Epidemic

Driverless vehicles will hopefully become a reality sooner than later and when they do it won’t be a minute too soon. The National Safety Council (NSC) released its annual report for 2016 recently, and it wasn’t pretty. It turns out in 2016 there were more than 40,000 traffic fatalities in the United States, a 6% increase over 2015. Our law firm, Dankner Milstein, presents this blog as a safety reminder that injuries caused by reckless

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Jay Dankner Weighs In On New York City’s Auto Accident Open Data Portal

TOP NEW YORK AUTO ACCIDENT INJURY LAW FIRM PROVIDES MOTORISTS AND PEDESTRIANS WITH IMPORTANT INFORMATION THAT COULD HELP PREVENT INJURIES AND SAVE LIVES New York City’s two-year-old Open Data portal, which publishes daily statistics on where vehicle crashes happen in the five boroughs, who they involve, their causes and their locations is information the lawyers at the top auto accident injury law firm of Dankner Milstein, P.C. decided to share with readers of this blog. “We

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Top New York Lawyers Explain The Rise in Car Accidents

Insite from the Best New York Car Accident Lawyers NYC DOT REPORTS DRAMATIC INCREASE IN AUTO ACCIDENTS IN 2016 AS USE OF APP-BASED FOR HIRE CAR SERVICES INCREASES As the popularity and use of app-based for-hire car services like Uber literally increases daily in New York City, so, too, has the number of motor vehicle accidents that have been reported so far this year. To date in 2016 there have been nearly 2,400 more driver injuries than

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INSIGHT FROM THE TOP NEW YORK CAR, TRUCK AND BUS ACCIDENT LAWYERS MOTORISTS MUST PAY HIGHER PRICE FOR RECKLESS DRIVING It could happen in an instant. Like last Friday, for example, when a reckless driver took the life of a 37-year-old woman who had just gotten off work at 5:00 p.m. and was heading home for the weekend. As is the case in so many other similar situations involving innocent pedestrians in New York City,

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Auto Accidents in New York – Still Claiming Innocent Lives

Recent News Headlines Highlight the Persistence of Dangerous Car Accidents Here in NYC We’ve spoken at length about Mayor di Blasio’s efforts to make New York City’s streets safer, in conjunction with NYCDOT. Through ongoing initiatives including Sustainable Streets and Vision Zero, those in charge of the city’s thoroughfares are working hard to ensure that motorists, pedestrians, and cyclists can travel where they need to go within the five boroughs with a minimum of stress

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Sustainable Streets: NYCDOT’s Infrastructure Measures

Rebuilding, Repaving, and Revolutionizing New York City’s Roads to Reduce Car Accidents and Improve the Bottom Line As part of its Sustainable Streets: 2013 and Beyond brief, NYCDOT has identified specific areas of focus in its efforts to make New York’s roads the very best that they can be for motorists, pedestrians, and bicyclists. In a recent blog post, we discussed the plan’s numerous safety measures. Another important element of Sustainable Streets involves infrastructure: the development, maintenance, and greening of the transportation

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Sustainable Streets: An Examination of the NYCDOT’s Safety Measures

An In-Depth Examination of City’s Mission to Make New York’s Roads Safer for Everyone Our most recent blog post outlined the Sustainable Streets: 2013 and Beyond brief, which provides an update on the Sustainable Streets plan initiated by NYCDOT in 2008. One of the cornerstones of the plan is that of safety. The DOT is committed to making the streets of New York’s five boroughs safer for its pedestrians, cyclists, and motorists; far too many people are the victims of terrible

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New York City Speed Camera Installation in School Zones Complete

140 Speed Cameras Installed Throughout NYC in Effort to Reduce Auto Accidents September marked the completion of an important milestone in Mayor de Blasio’s Vision Zero campaign: the installation of 140 speed cameras (100 fixed and 40 mobile) in school zone locations throughout New York City. The completion was timed to coincide with the start of the school year, and incorporates the maximum number of speed cameras that the State of New York allows. This initiative has

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Avoid Voice-Activation While Driving

Hands-free voice-activated technology allowing you to make calls from the road through your car’s onboard system or your connected phone has been heralded as a driving safety feature. Auto manufacturers claim that instead of fumbling with your phone at the wheel, that voice-activated systems are safer. To the contrary, new research shows that talking to your car or fiddling with your phone-even to make voice-activated calls while driving,can be a dangerous – or even deadly

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Staggering Numbers of New York City Agency Crashes

A first-of-its-kind report from New York City’s CRASH database – launched to track collisions involving government agency vehicles — reveals some surprising as well as expected findings. And experts say the figures are astonishing.Government vehicles involved in accidents across all city agencies, except the New York Police Department, totaled 5,605 in 2014, the most recent complete year of figures collected. This equates to 5% of all vehicle-related accidents in New York City and the surrounding

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Are New York Automobile Accidents on the Rise or Decreasing?

Mayor Bill de Blasio has made a big push for improved pedestrian safety on New York City streets. He introduced Vision Zero, a $100 million project to protect residents from auto accidents. Fifty major thoroughfares and intersection redesigns were completed in the first year of the initiative implemented in 2014 – creating protected bike lanes, improving major intersections, widening sidewalks and installing pedestrian “refuge medians”. In addition, the Taxi and Limousine Commission initiated its Vehicle

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