Wrong Medication Dosage

Medications that have desirable effects in correct doses can be toxic in overdose quantities. The fine line between the correct dose and a dangerous amount of a drug is part of what physicians and pharmacists spend years of education learning to determine. If you were injured or made ill because of a wrong medication dosage, it is important to discover how and why the wrong dosage was prescribed, delivered or administered. Was the wrong medication dosage a result of one of these circumstances?

  • Obscure handwriting of a prescribing physician (becoming less common because of the increase in e-mailed prescriptions from doctors to pharmacies).
  • Dosage errors caused by typos of doctors or nurses entering amounts by way of computer keyboards.
  • Pharmacists, anesthesiologists and nurses who mix up prescriptions of different patients or fail to catch doctors’ obvious errors due to inattention.
  • Wrong doses prescribed or misinterpreted by pharmacists over a long period of time, resulting in cumulative negative effects, such as organ failure.

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