We believe in our credo that “Results Speak For Themselves”.  We recognize it is our obligation to win every case for every client, every time.

In addition to many exceptional, noteworthy and high-profile cases we have handled throughout the years, our success is highlighted by our recovery of over 500 million dollars for our clients since the inception of the firm almost twenty years ago. We strive to be the best lawyers in New York. Some of our results follow.

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    • $10,343,655 – Crush injuries to a man caught between a train and a gap filler at the Union Square/14th Street subway station.
    • $10,000,000 – Sexual assault of a child at a summer baseball camp
    • $8,300,000 – Delay in treatment of peripheral vascular disease in a 52 year old woman resulting in loss of lower limb
    • $7,500,000 – Amputation of fingers and degloving injury of hand to a 9 year old whose arm became caught in a cane juicer
    • $7,500,000 – For a man who was improperly diagnosed and treated at a hospital eventually leading to an amputation.
    • $7,000,000 – Delay in diagnosis of pelvic inflammatory disease resulting in a hysterectomy
    • $6,675,000 – Brain damage and neurological injuries as a result of a failure to diagnose a brain abscess in a 54 year old man
    • $5,000,000 – For a neurologically impaired 18 month old due to failure to diagnose and treat herpes virus
    • $5,000,000 – Products liability case on behalf of passengers in a vehicle which overturned
    • $4,500,000 – Brain damage and neurological injuries to a newborn during labor and delivery
    • $4,500,000 – Burn injuries sustained by a newborn in a neonatal unit caused by heat lamp
    • $4,500,000 – Anesthesia malpractice resulting in disabling neurological injuries
    • $4,410,000 – Nerve damage to arm during shoulder surgery
    • $4,000,000 – Death of a young woman, leaving a husband and two children
    • $3,950,000 – Failure to diagnose spinal cord stenosis resulting in quadriparesis
    • $3,800,000 – Loss of lower extremities after a baggage handler became trapped and caught in a conveyor belt at JFK airport
    • $3,750,000 – Death of a 40 year old man from burns sustained when a cylinder of MAPP gas exploded due to a design and manufacturing defect
    • $3,750,000 – Wrongful death of thirty year old woman following child birth
    • $3,627,180 – Slip and fall in an apartment resulting in a herniated disc that was operated upon seven years after the fall
    • $3,600,000 – Brain damage sustained by a baby during labor and delivery
    • $3,350,000 – Spinal injuries sustained by a passenger in a one car accident
    • $3,200,000 – Damage to blood vessels during bowel surgery causing permanent colostomy
    • $3,000,000 – Coma and multiple fractures sustained by a pedestrian after being hit by a truck
    • $3,000,000 – Death of a 40 year old woman who was seriously injured in the Staten Island Ferry crash of 2003

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