Radiology Errors/Failures

The job of a radiologist can have very serious implications. Hidden from the view of patients, a radiologist actually has a great deal of power. CT scan and MRI images may reveal cancer in its early stages. Radiologists should be attentive and vigilant and report irregularities in a timely manner. If they do their job right, they can alert doctors, who can in turn alert and treat patients. In many cases, surgery in the early stages of cancer can be successful.

If radiologists are negligent, however, the results can be devastating — and unnecessarily so. Was your cancer at an advanced stage when it was diagnosed, even though you had complained of symptoms when you visited your doctor months earlier? A radiology error may be the underlying cause of your failure to get access to the treatments that you needed, early enough to make a difference. Waiting until cancer is in its late stages to treat it is practically a death warrant. Call or e-mail Dankner Milstein, P.C., to discuss how to pursue compensation if you or your family member missed the opportunity for early stage cancer treatment because of medical malpractice.

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