Organ Puncture or Perforation

Punctured Organ Lawyers Serving Clients Across New York and Beyond Every time a surgeon operates inside a person’s abdominal cavity, there is an element of risk. Surgeons use state of the art equipment to minimize potential complications. Of course, not all surgeries go according to plan. When surgeons inadvertently cut or puncture an internal organ during surgery, a patient is at great risk. For example, when a surgeon cuts the intestine or bowel during surgery, bodily waste will cause massive infection. When a surgeon makes such a mistake, he or she must take immediate action to rectify the error and limit further damage to the patient.When surgeons perforate or puncture internal organs, the outcome can be severe and even fatal. Even in the best case scenario, a patient may require additional surgeries, both to correct the underlying problem and to undo the Surgical errors. In the worst case scenario, patients can suffer lifelong harm or death. If you or a loved one has been injured in surgery, it is crucial to discuss all of your options. A knowledgeable medical malpractice lawyer can guide you and your family through the legal process.

We are the law firm of Dankner Milstein, P.C. For many years, our Surgical errors attorneys have helped people who have suffered severe harm due to medical malpractice.

A Consent Form Does Not Give the Surgeon Consent to Commit Malpractice

After a surgery goes awry, the surgeon and the hospital will probably claim that because the patient signed a consent form that the surgeon and hospital are not liable for acts of negligence. A consent form, however, does not give a surgeon license to negligently cause harm. A consent form simply acknowledges that even if a surgery goes as intended, there is still a risk of complications.

Our law firm will delve deep into the medical records, working with acknowledged medical experts to determine what happened. If there is evidence to show that your surgeon breached his or her duty of care to you, we will find it. We will then make a compelling claim for all of your damages, including your medical expenses, lost income and pain and suffering. Our strategic, dynamic approach has yielded positive outcomes for our clients many times.

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