Obstetric Negligence

OB/GYN Malpractice Attorneys Fighting for People Harmed by Malpractice When complications arise during labor or delivery, lives are literally in the balance. The obstetrician has a duty to effectively manage these complications when they happen and take appropriate measures to facilitate the birth of the child and preserve the mother’s health. While some complications ultimately cannot be avoided, in many cases, tragedy could have been averted had the obstetrician acted with the appropriate level of care and skill. When obstetricians commit acts of negligence, infants can be forced to live with brain damage or other profound, life-changing injuries. If your child has a birth injury and you have reason to believe that the negligence of your obstetrician caused or contributed to it, you need to talk to an experienced lawyer.We are the law firm of Dankner Milstein, P.C. With offices in New York City, New Jersey and Garden City, our medical malpractice law firm helps children who have been denied the chance to live a normal life get the compensation they will need for the long road ahead. We accept all types of Birth injuries and obstetric negligence claims, including:

Our Birth injuries understand the inherent difficulties involved in any birth injury claim. We will do the work necessary to give your claim every chance of success in trial or settlement negotiations. We also understand the inherent limitations of a birth injury claim. If your child has sustained severe injuries in labor or delivery, he or she may have significant developmental delays. No amount of money will cure these developmental delays. This money can, however, ensure that your child receives the care he or she needs. When our firm takes any birth injury claim, we do so on a no recovery, no fee basis. We will not accept attorneys’ fees unless we achieve a successful outcome in your case.

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