EMT/Paramedic Malpractice

New York emergency medical technicians (EMTs) and paramedics play a vital role in rescue operations involving ambulances and seriously ill or injured people. If you or your loved one suffered serious harm because an EMT or a paramedic made serious mistakes during an ambulance call, you may have cause to file an injury claim against them. An ambulance driver may actually be to blame if he or she took too long to get to the scene of the accident.

Was It a Case of Paramedic Malpractice?

You owe it to yourself and your family to discover the truth after an injury or failed heart attack rescue operation involving an ambulance. Liability, government sovereign immunity and insurance issues can be complex in these cases. It can also be difficult to prove what actually happened in an ambulance. However, it is worth the attempt to discover the truth, especially if your medical emergency went on to result in lasting harm, and you might be entitled to compensation for hospital negligence.

Did an EMT or paramedic take too long to respond to your medical emergency? Did he or she fail to notice critical symptoms while in transit in an ambulance? Did he or she neglect to monitor breathing or body fluid status — with harmful results?

EMT, Ambulance Error Lawyer

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