Delayed Diagnosis of Breast Cancer

Studies conducted over the past decade by some of the world’s leading health and medical research institutions provide incontrovertible proof that women whose breast cancer is diagnosed early have fewer complications, and substantially higher survival rates, than do women whose breast cancer diagnosis is delayed.

Studies show that socio-economic factors such as low household income, age, race, culture and limited access to convenient transportation could put women with breast cancer at higher risk of a delayed diagnosis, as can lack of affordable access to quality healthcare.

According to the National Centers for Disease Controls (CDC), uninsured women are less likely than women with adequate health insurance coverage to get regular annual mammograms and other tests and screenings for the disease. As such, women with higher incomes and health insurance are less likely to be diagnosed at later stages of breast cancer when treatment options and effectiveness are compromised.

The top New York delayed breast cancer diagnosis law firm of Dankner Milstein has handled many cases where an earlier diagnosis could have made a difference in the treatment, morbidity and mortality of the disease.

Most breast cancers – like other cancers – – are classified by stages. In a case of a low stage at diagnosis, the doctor and patient can choose from less invasive treatment options, and the higher chance ofpatient survival. For instance, when doctors detect a breast cancer at stage 0 or stage 1, the patient generally has favorable chances for surviving cancer.

As the breast cancer progresses to stage 2, stage 3 and even stage 4,the patient’s cure rate and survivability diminish. Treatment options are more likely to be more invasive and painful. It is therefore critical that doctors do everything within their power to make an accurate and timely diagnosis of breast cancer.

Our experience has shown us that, in many cases, a delayed diagnosis of breast cancer is not a failure of a doctor’s skill, but rather a failure of procedure. In many cases, a doctor will order a mammogram or other test. The radiologist will review the information and present his or her findings in a report to the doctor. Unfortunately, the radiologist may fail to detect signs of an early cancer or the gynecologist who ordered the study may not follow up on the recommendations of the radiologist for further work-up. As a result, the breast cancer has time to spread and the patient loses valuable time with which to fight the disease.

Bringing A Claim

In many instances a delayed diagnosis or a misdiagnosis of breast cancer can be considered medical malpractice.

If your breast cancer was not found when it should have been, you may have the right to bring a claim for your damages. An experienced Midtown Manhattan attorney can be a vital ally in establishing your claim for damages.

For years, the top New York delayed breast cancer diagnosis lawyers at Dankner Milstein, P.C., have fought for people harmed by a doctor’s negligence.

Our law firm will conduct an exhaustive investigation into why your breast cancer was delayed or misdiagnosed. While we are establishing the basis of liability, we will also establish the full extent of your damages.

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