Cerebral Palsy

Negligence Attorneys Serving the Five Boroughs and Beyond Cerebral palsy is a permanent condition caused by brain damage that impacts an individual’s muscle tone and movement. This condition is often caused when an infant receives diminished levels of oxygen during the labor and delivery process. Cerebral palsy is often accompanied by other developmental problems, including seizures, hearing problems and vision problems. Although cerebral palsy is sometimes unavoidable, in other cases cerebral palsy is the result of an obstetrician’s negligence during labor or delivery. If your child has cerebral palsy and you have reason to believe that medical negligence was the cause of your child’s condition, it is critical to speak with skilled legal counsel. We are the law firm of Dankner Milstein, P.C. Our Madison Avenue law firm has successfully represented numerous families whose lives have been forever changed due to a child’s cerebral palsy.Obstetricians must take care to observe all warning signs during labor. If there is evidence to show that an infant is not receiving sufficient oxygen during labor, the obstetrician must act decisively and deliver the child via cesarean section. The failure to deliver a child via cesarean section in a timely manner can lead to cerebral palsy or other permanent brain damage.

Helping Families Move Forward After a Devastating Diagnosis

Children with cerebral palsy will require extensive care and treatment. While many children with cerebral palsy will eventually grow up and live independently, many more will require lifelong care. The costs associated with this care are staggering. Our Birth injuries lawyers will work diligently to compile all evidence showing your child’s needs projected over a lifetime. We have the experience and resources to anticipate and overcome the legal obstacles in your child’s path to recovering full compensation. In every Birth injuries case, we are partners with our clients. We only accept attorneys’ fees or recover our costs of preparing the case unless we are successful.

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